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Automated Food Sterilization Equipment Microwave Food Drying Machine Automated Food Sterilization Equipment Microwave Food Drying Machine Automated Food Sterilization Equipment Microwave Food Drying Machine

Automated Food Sterilization Equipment Microwave Food Drying Machine

Automatic Food Steriliztion Equipment / Microwave Food Sterilizing Equipment Features: 1. Tunnel microwave drying machine is a new type of drying...
  • US $ 28000-50000 / Set | Get Latest Price
  • wooden packing or packed according to the customer's requirement.
  • L/C,D/A,D/P
  • 20 Set/Sets per Month
  • Shandong
  • ISO,CE

Food Sterilization Equipment Description

Automatic Food Steriliztion Equipment / Microwave Food Sterilizing Equipment


1. Tunnel microwave drying machine is a new type of drying equipment, high efficiency, low operating cost, it is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment; especially for dry food containing both bactericidal preservation. This equipment has been extensively involved in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, building materials and other industries.
2. Drying uniformity, China's first low-power microwave multi-tube is manufactured by the company.
3. The machine uses a modular design, touch screen as the user interface, controlled by the PLC, the core electronic components imported.
4. A lack of material protection, and microwave energy into the material to achieve automatic tracking function on and off.
5. The use of advanced water-cooled water-cooled magnetron and oil-immersed transformers, microwave source as the main cooling measures, and easy maintenance, low failure rate.
6. Adoption of setting far-infrared sensing control and advanced PLC automatic control system can be realized lack of material, blanking the automatic protection.



1. We  provide English manual, one year warranty,life-long maintenance.

2. If customer need, our engineers will provide assembling and training the workers.

    The buyer shall bear the engineers round trip tickets fees, basic accommodation and

    Transportation,the allowance shall be paid by buyer.

3 we are factory

4.what capacity do you want. and we provide both half automatic and full automatic machines

5. pls tell me your detail requirement, so that we can recommend the best quality and the best price machine for you.


Our services

1.Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.

2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions in professional and fluent  English.

3.Special discount and protection of sales areas provided to your distributor.

4.The content packing particle size may be based on customer demand.

5.We are aimed at doing the best food machine in China.  


replacement Pump of Food Sterilization Equipment data list

No.DdBLarghezzaDiametro esternoEANC
ESFCE210-31 - 49.21 mm30.2 mm - - - 35.1 kN
SER211-32FS2.188 Inch | 55.575 Millimeter2 Inch | 50.8 Millimeter - - - 0808250146710 -
LT051007 - - - - - 0717905100529 -
61809-Y2.283 Inch | 58 Millimeter1.772 Inch | 45 Millimeter - - - 4012801164016 -
23156kembw507c08c3-timken460mm280mm146mm - - - -
SCE109-P20,638 mm - - 0.562 Inch | 14.275 Millimeter0.813 Inch | 20.65 Millimeter404764319568314,288 mm
UCTH213-40-300 - 63,5 mm65,1 mm178 - - -
52232 M225 mm140 mm20 mm908.858 Inch | 225 Millimeter7316571073422 -
6417210 mm85 mm52 mm52210 - 52 mm


Food Sterilization Equipment Part Parameters

No.DdBDa max.D1Dimensionera max.
QJ318N2PHAS190 mm90 mm43 mm176 mm156 mm - 2,5 mm
BTM 150 AM/P4CDB225 mm150 mm - 219 mm206.2 mm - 2 mm
EFRB22431H3.125 Inch | 79.38 Millimeter1.938 Inch | 49.225 Millimeter - - - - -
NJ 309 ECJ100 mm45 mm25 mm91.4 mm - - 1.5 mm
IRR-1/2-1 - - - - - - -
255213.2700 in - - - - - -
SF-23 CSJ3.6250 in1.4375 in4.6250 in - - - -
NUP307EM - 35 - - - - -
LSE212BRHTPRSS - - - - - - -
set-54-qbl83.058mm45.618mm8.733mm - - - -
Z-567601.ZL-K-C5320 mm180 mm86 mm - 260,9 mm180x320x86 -
609-2RSR24 mm9 mm7 mm - - 9x24x7 -
NJ 348500 mm240 mm95 mm - - 240x500x95 -
67914 mm9 mm3 mm13,2 mm - 9x14x30,1 mm


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Food Sterilization Equipment Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Factory Price Stainless Steel High Grade Food Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1894US$5776
High pressure food sterilization processing equipment 1 Set US$1152US$7576
Stainless steel steam high pressure food sterilization equipment 1 Set US$1681US$6103
Hot Sale Trustworthy Food Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1792US$5556
Full Automatic Food Sterilization Equipment Electric Heating Or Using Steam Boiler 1 Set US$1147US$6748
Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1844US$5895
Continuous Belt Type Blanching Machine/Sterilization Equipment for Food 1 Set US$1639US$6585
Best selling food sterilization equipment 1 Set US$1214US$6787



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Customer Case Of Automated Food Sterilization Equipment Microwave Food Drying Machine At 2021

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