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High pressure food sterilization processing equipment High pressure food sterilization processing equipment High pressure food sterilization processing equipment

High pressure food sterilization processing equipment

High pressure food sterilization processing equipment  Advantages: • Isostatic pressure means the shear force is same. • the...
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  • L/C,D/A,D/P
  • 100 Set/Sets per Month
  • Shandong
  • ISO,CE

Food Sterilization Equipment Description

High pressure food sterilization processing equipment 


• Isostatic pressure means the shear force is same.

• the delivery of pressure is instantaneous and uniform.

• the size, thickness and the edge of product have no effects on delivery of pressure.

• the pressure can be delivered from the surface to center of product immediately.

• the energy consumption is lower. Low temperature heating reserves the product freshness, which can also produces a small amount of waste water.

• unnecessary compound, such as radiation byproduct and free radicals will not  be generated.

• to preserve the freshness and texture of product with great effort.For example:meat, fish, shellfish, juice, sauce and ext ration, and so on.

• vitamin, texture and taste is preserved. Enzymes can remain active.

• to extend the life span by killing some Pathogenic microorganisms,spoilage microorganisms and enzymes.

• compared with traditional way, it reduces the labor cost.


Our Services

we can train your staff how to install and use the machine. engineeers are available overseas if necessary.

1.Pre-sale service:

We supply proposal and quotation to customers and invite customer to check the quality of machine.

2.After-sale service:

1 year free warranty, after 1 year, the repairing will need cost.

Overseas installation,training and testing.

Basic spare part service


replacement Pump of Food Sterilization Equipment data list

No.dDBCDiametro del foroDiametro esternoLarghezza
ZR1.14.0744.200-1SPTN648 mm816 mm - - - - -
71809 A45 mm58 mm - 7 mm - - -
6318LU90,000 mm190,000 mm43,000 mm43,000 mm - - -
P2B-DLB-1021.125 Inch | 28.575 Millimeter1.563 Inch | 39.69 Millimeter1.563 Inch | 39.7 Millimeter - - - -
NJ-218E C/43.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter6.299 Inch | 160 Millimeter1.181 Inch | 30 Millimeter - - - -
RA100RRB2 FS935 - - - - - - -
ESA 20 0414342 mm503,3 mm - - 342503,3 -
C3188KMB440 mm720 mm226 mm226 mm440720226
230SM280-MA280 mm460 mm176 mm118 mm280460118
NF20525 mm52 mm15 mm15 mm255215
670317 mm23 mm4 mm4 mm17234


Food Sterilization Equipment Part Parameters

No.dDBWeightCInventoryMinimum Buy Quantity
USSP20420 mm - 25 mm1,6 Kg12.8 kN - -
NJ28/850850 mm1030 mm106 mm - 106 mm - -
UCPAE204-12NT0419.05 mm - 31 mm0.47 kg12.8 kN - -
XC1980CM-22.375 Inch | 60.325 Millimeter0 Inch | 0 Millimeter1.813 Inch | 46.05 Millimeter1.618 - 0.0N/A
SUCNPF 207 231.438 Inch | 36.525 Millimeter1.689 Inch | 42.9 Millimeter - 1.496 - 0.0N/A
24026-2CS5W5.118 Inch | 130 Millimeter7.874 Inch | 200 Millimeter2.717 Inch | 69 Millimeter7.94 - 0.0N/A
QMTP18J090SM - - - 17.236 - 0.0N/A
SF-10 XLO0.6250 in2.1250 in3.0000 in - - - -
220735 mm72 mm23 mm - 23 mm - -
L305649R/L30561050,8 mm80,962 mm18,258 mm - 14,288 mm - -
68/950950 mm1150 mm90 mm - - - -


How do you sterilize food products?

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  • 2、Cleaning products — Cleaning products will be classed as detergents, disinfectants or sanitisers. Detergents. Detergents clean the surface and remove grease ...
  • 3、by M Gratz · 2021 · Cited by 1 — The process currently used in the food industry to achieve a sterile product for low-acid foods is retorting, where applied temperature time ...
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What are 3 types of sterilization?

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  • 3、The complete elimination or destruction of all forms of microbial life and ... The three organisms included: E. faecalis, M. chelonei, B. subtilis spores.
  • 4、Dec 27, 2017 — Sterilization is a process that kills all forms of microbial life. ... three steps prior to reuse: cleaning, packaging and sterilization.

Which equipment is used for sterilization?

  • 1、Jan 20, 2017 — Sterilizing gases are typically used when exposure to other methods (heat or radiation) could damage the materials or equipment.
  • 2、Autoclaves are an essential tool, used for sterilizing laboratory equipment and supplies. Sometimes autoclaves are referred to as sterilizers in laboratory ...
  • 3、May 1, 2001 — Hydrogen peroxide gas plasma is used worldwide for terminal sterilization of medical equipment. Sterilization occurs in a low-moisture ...
  • 4、Mar 27, 2011 — Ethylene oxide (ETO) is used almost exclusively in the United States to sterilize medical products that cannot be steam sterilized. ETO is a ...38 pages

How do you sterilize plastic bottles in the microwave?

  • 1、How do you sterilize plastic bottles in the microwave? — ? Wet the plastic container first, as the interaction between the microwave's heat and water is ...
  • 2、Oct 19, 2020 — ... bottles to reduce the amount of plastic in formula or breastmilk. ... preparing baby formula by sterilizing polypropylene baby bottles, ...
  • 3、Explore the best methods for sterilizing and sanitizing bottles and pumps. ... have a microwave – and that you don't mind putting plastic in the microwave.
  • 4、After that, it is no longer necessary to sterilize bottles and their accessories. ... available on the market including microwave-friendly sterilizers.

What is the equipment used in sterilization process for canned food?

  • 1、by A Kaychenov · 2020 · Cited by 1 — The article describes an autoclave thermal processes model, which is used for the simulator of canned food sterilization process. The simulator is based on ...
  • 2、Follow specific processing time and methods for the food you are canning. Use recommended canners. Only use clean and properly maintained equipment.
  • 3、Dec 31, 2021 — Three basic heat treatments are used in food preservation: ... Food manufacturers must be careful to use sterilized equipment when ...
  • 4、High pressure processing can be used for sterilisation of food products if applied at elevated ... canned products compared to conventional techniques.

What are the 4 sterilization methods?

  • 1、by D Swenson · 2012 · Cited by 1 — steam sterilization cycle the 12-spore log reduc- ... physical sterilization methods include moist ... 10,000 to base 10 is four, i.e., 10x10x10x10 (in.
  • 2、May 16, 2016 — 4. Processing Critical. Instrumentation. • Method: sterilization (kills all microorganisms, including bacterial spores).
  • 3、A chemical or physical process that results in the death of soil organisms. This control method affe…
  • 4、describe Evaluation and in Process Monitoring of Sterilization Procedures. ○ discuss Methods of disinfection. ○ describe the Testing of disinfectants.

How do you sterilize equipment at home?

  • 1、Nov 18, 2020 — It's also important to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and objects. ... For example, in your house, this would include countertops, ...
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How do hospitals sterilize their equipment?

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  • 2、Sep 25, 2019 — Once again, the sterilizing and medical device industries are pushing ... small machines in hospitals to sterilize reusable medical devices.
  • 3、Oct 15, 2020 — Disinfection, sanitization, & sterilization of medical equipment each ... larger debris that could interfere with the killing of pathogens.
  • 4、Hospitals and medical research facilities require sterilization to sanitize surgical equipment or laboratory equipment and glassware. Without the use of ...

How do you sterilise baby's feeding equipment?

  • 1、If you are feeding your baby expressed breast milk in a bottle, ... Sterilise the clean bottles, teats and feeding equipment before you use them.
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Can you use a microwave to sterilize?

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What are the examples of sterilization?

  • 1、Oct 13, 2020 — Follow these autoclaving guidelines for sterilizing equipment and research materials. Are you in the right place?
  • 2、Types Of Sterilization · Dry Heat The dry heat sterilizers employ higher temperatures to destroy microorganisms. · Steam Sterilizer Steam sterilizers will allow ...
  • 3、For example, in a steam sterilisation process, exposure time is the period during which items are exposed to saturated steam at the specified temperature.
  • 4、Mar 20, 2018 — Read this guide to choosing the best sterilization method for your ... other types of endoscopes and other surgical instruments such as ...

How do you sterilize laboratory equipment?

  • 1、Sep 17, 2018 — Before you clean up spills or disinfect equipment, tidy up the lab to make sure that there is a clear path to the door and to emergency ...
  • 2、Some deleterious effects on patient-care equipment associated with gamma radiation include induced oxidation in polyethylene 915 and delamination and cracking ...
  • 3、Autoclaves are used in research laboratories to sterilize materials using saturated steam under pressure. The process has proven effective and reliable for ...
  • 4、Evaluation of the Quality of Medico-technical Equipment Sterilization ... Sterilized instruments are analyzed in microbiology laboratory. Results:.



Food Sterilization Equipment Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Continuous Belt Type Blanching Machine/Sterilization Equipment for Food 1 Set US$1193US$5885
Best selling food sterilization equipment 1 Set US$1091US$7956
Stainless steel steam high pressure food sterilization equipment 1 Set US$1031US$5328
Full Automatic Food Sterilization Equipment Electric Heating Or Using Steam Boiler 1 Set US$1604US$6007
Factory Price Stainless Steel High Grade Food Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1845US$6862
Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1858US$5690
Hot Sale Trustworthy Food Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1663US$7382
Automated Food Sterilization Equipment Microwave Food Drying Machine 1 Set US$1661US$7501



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4High Temperature Sterilization Pot Commercial Bottle and Canned Pepper Sauce Retort Sterilizer Autoclave Sale In South Africa
5industrial tunnel food spice seasoning condiments Sterilizer equipment for food processing Process In Russia
6sterilization equipments for fruit juice For Sale Russia


Customer Case Of High pressure food sterilization processing equipment At 2021

1Industrial Stainless Steel Equipment Packaging Food Automatic Double-layer Water Sterilization Kettle Sale In Argentina
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3Food Sterilization Machine For Canned Food and Glass Bottle and Cooking Bag on sale Sale In Brazil
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5Food Industrial Sterilization Steam Retort Autoclave Process In Brazil
6Large double-layer water bath type retort machine high temperature sterilizing kettle for food bag Glass jar Process In India


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