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Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment

Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment

Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment Sterilization Equipment 1. Special basket-type or double mesh blet type design,easy to opperate,...
  • HJ-565
  • US $ 28000-50000 / Set | Get Latest Price
  • L/C,D/A,D/P
  • 100 Set/Sets per Month
  • Shandong
  • ISO,CE

Food Sterilization Equipment Description

Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment

Sterilization Equipment

1. Special basket-type or double mesh blet type design,easy to opperate, high output
2. Advanced stainless steel, automatic temprature control
3. Double-layer keep-warming material
4. Applied to all kinds of foods and vegetable.


Sterilization Equipment Applications

Sterilization Equipment is suitable for vegetables, fruits and aquatic products before quick-freezing and dehydration, and especially suitable for easily-demaged and long-stripe-like products  



1. We  provide English manual, one year warranty,life-long maintenance.

2. If customer need, our engineers will provide assembling and training the workers.

    The buyer shall bear the engineers round trip tickets fees, basic accommodation and

    Transportation,the allowance shall be paid by buyer.

3 we are factory

4. pls tell me your detail requirement, so that we can recommend the best quality and the best price machine for you.


replacement Pump of Food Sterilization Equipment data list

No.dDBWeightInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityEAN
GEH560HCS560800 - - - - -
52400/52630X101,6 mm160 mm36,116 mm - - - -
UCFE207-22T2034.92 mm - 42.9 mm1.58 kg - - -
QMTU20J312SEM3.75 Inch | 95.25 Millimeter - - 21.7920.0N/A0883450169783
SAF 23034K X 66 Inch | 152.4 Millimeter7.75 Inch | 196.85 Millimeter6 Inch | 152.4 Millimeter69.920.0N/A0087796310483
UCMST206-19MZ20 - - - 1.2620.0N/A0808250471928
531150D - - - 380.0N/A -
FLCTQ-203-H - - - 00.0N/A8865590619665
SP4B-IP-215RE2.9375 in7.6 to 9.1 in3-1/2 in - - - -
47T654323325430 - - - - -
22344 EKW33+OH2344200 mm460 mm145 mm - - - -
387A/38257,15 mm98,425 mm - - - - -
68/850/1080850,000 mm1080,000 mm82,000 mm - - - -


Food Sterilization Equipment Part Parameters

No.dWeightInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityDWeight / LBSManufacturer URL
LUNE 30-2LS300,79 Kg - - - - -
F4B-E-300R3 Inch | 76.2 Millimeter11.814.0N/A4.5 Inch | 114.3 Millimeter26http://www.dodge-pt.com
FM1012TP - - 0.0N/A - - -
QATU18A080SEC3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter17.2520.0N/A - 44http://www.qmbearings.com
NN3009M2KC1NAP51.772 Inch | 45 Millimeter0.4040.0N/A2.953 Inch | 75 Millimeter0.89http://www.nachi.com
H913849-20025/H913810-200242.75 Inch | 69.85 Millimeter2.770.0N/A5.75 Inch | 146.05 Millimeter6.095http://www.timken.com
6000-Z-THB0.394 Inch | 10 Millimeter0.0180.0N/A1.024 Inch | 26 Millimeter0.019http://www.fag.com
UCF209FC45 - - - - - -
495A/492A76,2 mm - - - 133,35 mm - -
670525 mm - - - 32 mm - -


Which equipment is used for sterilization?

  • 1、by WA Rutala · 2004 · Cited by 460 — Failure to properly disinfect or sterilize reusable medical equipment carries a risk ... Table 1 lists several low-level disinfectants that may be used for ...
  • 2、Autoclaves may be used to sterilize equipment/products prior to use in an experiment or to render items non-infectious prior to disposal.
  • 3、Feb 24, 2015 — Gas Sterilization. There are several types of gas that can be used to sterilize medical devices. The most common one is ethylene oxide (EO). EO ...
  • 4、Feb 12, 2019 — Incineration will also burn any organisms to ash; it is used to sterilize medical and other bio-hazardous waste before it is discarded with non- ...

How do you sterilize laboratory equipment?

  • 1、Laboratory personnel should disinfect all laboratory and office surfaces daily ... manufacturers recommendations for the equipment and materials in your lab ...
  • 2、Jul 12, 2021 — How should laboratory equipment be sterilized using an autoclave? Summary. Autoclave sterilization procedure. Answer. Wash sample bottles, ...
  • 3、by VA Swenson · 2018 · Cited by 15 — Laboratory science requires careful maintenance of sterile reagents ... pressure cookers to sterilize laboratory instruments and media and ...
  • 4、Jul 12, 2021 — How to clean laboratory equipment · Carry out a daily wipe down of all equipment exteriors · Carry out a weekly deep clean of all equipment · Carry ...

Can you use a microwave to sterilize?

  • 1、Apr 13, 2020 - But the CDC recommends you use the washing machine. ... A Smart Air Filters blog post noted that microwaving masks could melt the mask 
  • 2、Apr 7, 2020 - However, the use of a microwave to sterilize masks is not a safe option. ... posted on Facebook that microwaving masks can cause a fire and/or 
  • 3、Jan 20, 2020 - Just use the good old UV light provided to us for free from above, and give it time. If you have enough masks, you can just rotate every 2 weeks 
  • 4、Sterilizing bottles keeps bacteria at bay and gives baby a chance to build up their immunity. ... Here's how to use Dr. Brown's Microwave Sterilizer Bags:

What are 3 types of sterilization?

  • 1、Mar 1, 2006 — Sterilization exposure times can range from as short as 3 minutes at ... to steam sterilization, as it is toward radiation methods (without ...
  • 2、Mar 26, 2014 — 3/26/2014. 10. METHODS OF STERILIZATION. High Temperature Methods: • Steam sterilization. • Dry Heat. • Steam formaldehyde (chemiclave).
  • 3、Raising the Hygiene Standard: Adapting Dental Sterilization Methods to Pre-Vacuum Cycle/ ... According to the European standards, there are three types of ...
  • 4、Mar 21, 2011 — By Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA The three types of sterilizers most commonly used in dental offices are: Steam sterilization (autoclave) ...

How do you sterilize plastic bottles in the microwave?

  • 1、Mar 16, 2021 — And those dirty glass and plastic vessels pile up in the kitchen sink ... When to sterilize; Boil bottles and pacifiers; Try a microwave ...
  • 2、1. Use the Microwave · Make sure your microwave is clean. · Fill your baby's bottles halfway with water. · Set them in the microwave. · Place ...Feb 3, 2022 · Uploaded by ScottyOfAllTrades
  • 3、It is extruded or molded into plastic bottles and containers for packaging foods ... prepared food containers that can be warmed in the oven or microwave.
  • 4、Aug 21, 2012 — I just went through this again and new plastic bottles and pacifier packages both said to sterilize in boiling water before first use then ...

What are the examples of sterilization?

  • 1、For example, a full-strength (10%) solution of povidone-iodine provides approximately 10 times less free available iodine than a 1/100 dilution. Iodophors must ...Tyndallization (Fractional Sterilization):  heati...Moist Heat: Irreversible coagulation of (microbi...Red-heat Flame:  oxidation to ashes (burning)Dry Heat: Thermal inactivation: destroys by oxi...
  • 2、Jun 1, 2001 — Common methods of sterilization include physical methods and chemical methods. Physical methods include dry heat, steam, radiation, and plasmas.
  • 3、Mar 1, 2006 — The use of steam for sterilization is fairly widespread; however, steam is ... For example, dialyzers can be steam sterilized in place on ...
  • 4、by J Josephs-Spaulding · 2021 · Cited by 1 — For example, the use of contaminated water supplies for routine cleaning of medical devices can lead to colonization and microbial growth on ...

What are the 4 sterilization methods?

  • 1、1 Sterilisation importance and methods: 2 What is Sterilisation; 3 Importance of Sterilisation; 4 Physical methods: 4.1 Chemical Methods: 4.2 External ...
  • 2、Mar 1, 2021 — Steam is one of the most popular sterilization methods. ... A newer sterilization method, vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) uses gas plasma ...
  • 3、Sep 4, 2014 — Review the specific procedure(s) for the sterilization process ... the items included in the narrative note under Objective 4 of the ...
  • 4、The present invention discloses a carbon dioxide sterilizing method by ... gas preheater 3, autoclave 4, discharging opening 10 in turn, autoclave 4 is ...

How do you sterilize food products?

  • 1、Jan 16, 2020 — By eliminating these pathogens, pasteurization helps preserve many types of food items and prevents food-borne illness and disease upon ...
  • 2、by C Gaulin · Cited by 37 — There are numerous commercial products available for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces in food premises, such as restaurants or processing plants. This.
  • 3、The correct order of events for cleaning/sanitizing of food product contact surfaces is as follows: 1. Rinse. 2. Clean. 3. Rinse. 4. Sanitize. Definitions.
  • 4、“canned” (commercially sterile) foods. You will learn more about the specific microbiology of other shelf-stable meat and poultry products such as dry and.

How do hospitals sterilize their equipment?

  • 1、Feb 16, 2021 — How Doctors and Hospitals Actually Clean Reusable Patient Supplies ... the idea that doctors thoroughly sterilized their instruments.
  • 2、Sterilization Procedures. Surgical instruments and other material or equipment that will contact the surgical site must be sterile prior to use. The process of ...
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What is the equipment used in sterilization process for canned food?

  • 1、Process Brief: Canned products are sterilized by heat after they are sealed ... can be used for rendering meat byproducts and for retorting canned goods.
  • 2、Manufacturer of Food Processing Equipment - Horizontal Retort Food ... which are used for sterilizing of cans and bottles before filling up foods or liquid.
  • 3、Heating is the most commonly used method of ... causative agent of botulism, in canned food. ... Used to sterilize heat sensitive materials like.
  • 4、Some of the methods used to achieve sterilization are: ... at 160°C to kill spores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinium (associated with canned food).

How do you sterilize equipment at home?

  • 1、Properly Clean and Sanitize all Cider Making Equipment. One of the biggest mistakes a new cider maker can make is to overlook cleanliness and sanitation of ...
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How do you sterilise baby's feeding equipment?

  • 1、Sep 2, 2021 — Sterilising is a special way of cleaning your baby's feeding equipment including bottles, teats and breast pumps to ensure they are completely ...
  • 2、Feb 1, 2022 — Clean your hands thoroughly before proceeding to sterilization. 3. Buy Food Grade Plastic Ware. If you are buying plastic feeding equipment for ...
  • 3、How to Sterilize Baby Feeding Equipment and Utensils · 1. Take a wide vessel with a handle. · 2. Heat water till it comes to a boil. · 3. Since I ...Jan 23, 2015 · Uploaded by My Little Moppet
  • 4、Before sterilising, you need to: Clean bottles, teats and other feeding equipment in hot, soapy water as soon as possible after feeds. Use a clean bottle brush ...



Food Sterilization Equipment Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Hot Sale Trustworthy Food Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1678US$7808
Continuous Belt Type Blanching Machine/Sterilization Equipment for Food 1 Set US$1218US$6952
Best selling food sterilization equipment 1 Set US$1797US$6144
Factory Price Stainless Steel High Grade Food Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1050US$6769
Full Automatic Food Sterilization Equipment Electric Heating Or Using Steam Boiler 1 Set US$1462US$5426
Stainless steel steam high pressure food sterilization equipment 1 Set US$1802US$6341
High pressure food sterilization processing equipment 1 Set US$1523US$5416



Customer Cases For Food Sterilization Equipment For Factory In 2022

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4Houyuan Small Food Sterilizer Process In Russia
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6Large double-layer water bath type retort machine high temperature sterilizing kettle for food bag Glass jar Sale In Zimbabwe
7Wholesale rotating autoclave sterilization steam equipments with high performance Process In Turkey


Customer Case Of Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment At 2021

1Autoclave Canned Meat Food Sterilizer Water Immersion Canning Retorts Equipment Process In Sri Lanka
2High pressure food processing Horizontal Autoclave canned meat Food Sterilizer Water Immersion Canning Retorts equipment Process In Ethiopia
3Top quality fruit juice sterilization pasteurization machine food pasteurizer equipment Process In South Africa
4wall mounted ozone laundry for cloth disinfection home ozone Sterilization Equipments Process In Russia
5industrial tunnel food spice seasoning condiments Sterilizer equipment for food processing Process In Turkey
6Sterilizer vertical dental b food steam autoclave For Sale Zimbabwe
7External Temperature Display Electric-Heated Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer 35L Food Sterilizer Sterilization Equipments Sale In Turkey
8Food Industrial Sterilization Steam Retort Autoclave Sale In Brazil


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