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Continuous Belt Type Blanching Machine/Sterilization Equipment for Food Continuous Belt Type Blanching Machine/Sterilization Equipment for Food Continuous Belt Type Blanching Machine/Sterilization Equipment for Food

Continuous Belt Type Blanching Machine/Sterilization Equipment for Food

Mechanical characteristics of sterilization equipment 1).1. Uniform water exchange method, uniform temperature, no dead ends. Circulating water circulated constantly...
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Food Sterilization Equipment Description

Mechanical characteristics of sterilization equipment

1).1. Uniform water exchange method, uniform temperature, no dead ends. Circulating water circulated constantly and uniformly in sterilization tank. Ensure uniform heat distribution at any point in the process of heating, insulation and cooling. So the packed foods of different positions of the tray gained the ideal uniform heating effect, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of blind Angle in the process of sterilization. Make the product a longer shelf life.Reduce F value variation and the phenomenon of excessive cooking;

2).High temperature short time sterilization. Using double tank hot water circulation method to sterilization, hot water heated to the temperature of the sterilization requirements before sterilization to shorten the sterilization time and improve work efficiency;

3).High precision sterilization. Using international advanced technology and hot water circulation immersion method to sterilization. Full automatic intelligent control system. Precise temperature control(±0.5°c);

4).Energy saving. Working medium can be recycled, save the energy, time and the consumption of manpower and material resources, reduce the production cost;

5).Automatic control system. The entire sterilization process is all controlled by the computer PLC, one-time completion, without manual operation. The computer can store 100 sterilization formulas in order to choose to use;

6).Low noise, creating a quiet, comfortable operating environment.  Direct heating by steam and indirect cooling by continually recycling the water through the heat exchanger, avoiding secondary contamination to the food package;

7).Adopting the multi-phase process for rising and dropping of temperature, minimize the temperature difference between the surface and center of packed food, maintain the flavor and nutrition of food. Mild heating and cooling process can protect the fragile container and glass container.


Product Application

1.For high temperature sterilization of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, convenience foods, etc.
2.Scientific experiments show that the best sterilization temperature of the tide type brine food is 121 DEG, the best sterilization time is 12min, which can not only ensure the good sterilization effect, but also keep the flavor of the brine.
3.Mainly applicable to canned food (such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables etc.), protein beverage (milk, soy milk, coconut milk, peanut milk, walnut milk, almond milk etc.), hard cans (tin cans, glass bottles, cans etc.) and various kinds of soft packaged food.



1,  Installation and operator training

Seller arranges the engineer to user’s factory to install, and help to train 3 operators Free(with 10days)

User needs to pay the flight ticket for engineer.

2,  Whole machine 1year

1)Phone call guidance to confirm the problem. We will take video to show “ how to solve the problem”, all problem can be solved by video guidance.

2)If video guidance can not be solved the problem, the seller arranges the engineer to user’s factory to repair or help maintain the machine Free

User need to pay the flight ticket for engineer

3,  Easy damaged parts (gasket\plastic parts\rubber parts) free in three years, the user need to mail back the damaged part to change the new one.


replacement Pump of Food Sterilization Equipment data list

No.DWeightdMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryBManufacturer URL
1408110 mm - 40 mm - - 33 mm -
EXT207-23L3 - 1.68 kg36.51 mm - - 37.6 mm -
CB22444H4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter7.722.75 Inch | 69.85 MillimeterN/A0.0 - http://www.rexnord.com
QVVPK15V207SEM4.09 Inch | 103.886 Millimeter10.8962.438 Inch | 61.925 MillimeterN/A0.03.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeterhttp://www.qmbearings.com
3MM9104WI QUM1.654 Inch | 42 Millimeter0.2720.787 Inch | 20 MillimeterN/A0.01.89 Inch | 48 Millimeterhttp://www.timken.com
SDAF 322 - 69.853 - N/A0.0 - -
FX3S212EK7540A - 0.454 - N/A0.0 - -
71920HVDBRJ745.512 Inch | 140 Millimeter1.7963.937 Inch | 100 MillimeterN/A0.01.575 Inch | 40 Millimeterhttp://www.ntnamerica.com
STMH-20T - 1.775 - N/A0.0 - -
1654-2RS - 0.1 - N/A0.0 - -
MUCNFL207-20RFW5.1250 in - 1.2500 in - - 6.4375 in -
6411N140 mm - 55 mm - - 33 mm -


Food Sterilization Equipment Part Parameters

No.dDWeightDiametro esternoEANInventoryMinimum Buy Quantity
NKI 20/2020 mm32 mm0,061 Kg - - - -
63122RDTC3 - - 1.868 - 060579007856910.0N/A
TB-SCEZ-012-SHCR - - 0.68 - 07824764814690.0N/A
CFE6UU - - 0.02 - 45495570093890.0N/A
NP-21C1.313 Inch | 33.35 Millimeter1.688 Inch | 42.87 Millimeter2.043 - 06624610207220.0N/A
RNA22/8.2RS.DZ - - 0 - - 0.0N/A
LMES20OP20 mm32 mm - 32 - - -
600010 mm26 mm - 26 - - -
H71915AC - - - 105 - - -
680420 mm32 mm - 1.26 Inch | 32 Millimeter0029176026652 - -


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Food Sterilization Equipment Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Food Industry Vertical Bagged Jelly Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1426US$5908
Best selling food sterilization equipment 1 Set US$1096US$6557
High pressure food sterilization processing equipment 1 Set US$1840US$5052
Glass bottle Bird nest sterilizer horizontal food retort machinery equipment 1 Set US$1668US$7417
Hot Sale Trustworthy Food Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1137US$5538
Factory Price Stainless Steel High Grade Food Sterilization Equipment 1 Set US$1804US$6731
Stainless steel steam high pressure food sterilization equipment 1 Set US$1330US$5403
Full Automatic Food Sterilization Equipment Electric Heating Or Using Steam Boiler 1 Set US$1367US$6748
Automated Food Sterilization Equipment Microwave Food Drying Machine 1 Set US$1123US$5291



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Customer Case Of Continuous Belt Type Blanching Machine/Sterilization Equipment for Food At 2021

175% Alcohol Sterilization Atomizer Hand Disinfector Machine Smart Intelligence Induction Sterilizer Sprayer Process In Zimbabwe
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