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Vacuum Spray Freeze Drying Equipment Vacuum Spray Freeze Drying Equipment Vacuum Spray Freeze Drying Equipment

Vacuum Spray Freeze Drying Equipment

Introduction Microwave vacuum drying technology combines the advantages of microwave technology and vacuum technology, and is extremely beneficial for the drying of...
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Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment Description


Microwave vacuum drying technology combines the advantages of microwave technology and vacuum technology, and is extremely beneficial for the drying of heat sensitive materials. Compared with the conventional drying method, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, short drying time, low working temperature, good product color and high vitamin preservation rate. It is suitable for low-temperature drying sterilization and low-temperature concentration of heat-sensitive, easily oxidizable, high-viscosity, high-concentration liquid materials in medicine, chemical, food, biological products, agricultural and sideline products, such as: Chinese herbal extract, ginseng, donkey-hide gelatin, antler, Vegetables, flowers, biochemical products, health products, additives, etc.


Wide applications

Microwave Vacuum Drying machine combine two different technologies to create specific conditions for drying very sensitive products. Especially in microwave vacuum drying has a big significance for viscous and bulk products with poor thermal conductivity. It is mainly used for dehydration, drying and sterilization of agricultural products, health care products, foods, medicinal materials, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials with high added value and heat sensitivity ; for low temperature concentration of chemical products, removal of crystal water, drying of enzyme preparations Etc.; suitable for laboratories in research institutions.


1. Energy savings and short processing time:
The microwave vacuum drying equipment uses electromagnetic energy to transform, the heat is generated deep within the food to be dried. It has big advantages of fast drying speed and energy saving compared with conventional drying. Typically the microwave vacuum drying will dry materials in one-sixth the time of a conventional dryer. If your conventional dryer drying time is 6 hours, the microwave vacuum dryer will do the job in 1 hour. The result is time-savings of 5hours every time you start up a dryer. This not only represents reduced energy cost, but could also represent 5 hours of additional production time.  i.e. suitable for automated manufacturing.


2.Uniform heating
The hot air in regular food dehydrators dries foods from the outside. This causes the surface to harden, making it difficult for the water inside to get out and lengthening the drying process. In contrast, the microwave-vacuum drying machine uses microwaves that reach inside the food, causing the water in it to evaporate. The water vapor is carried away in air currents. This technique results in uniform drying and allows the process to be completed more quickly.


3.Improve final product quality and extend its shelf-life
Microwaves delivers gentle and uniform heat to the product a vacuum atmosphere allows using a lower drying temperature. Microwave has the effect of disinfection and sterilization to keep product safety and extend its shelf-life. When drying at low temperature,low pressure, and the oxygen content is low, thus the oxidation reaction of the dried material is weakened, thereby ensuring the flavor, appearance and color of the products.

4.Environmental friendly
Microwave vacuum equipment do not produce "three wastes", because microwave energy is controlled in the heating chamber. There are no radioactive hazards and harmful gas emissions, no residual heat and dust pollution,environmental friendly.


Vacuum Spray Freeze Drying Equipment Part Parameters

No.dDWeightMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryBC
200RU30200 mm310 mm - - - 82 mm82 mm
22328A2X140 mm300 mm34,5 Kg - - 102 mm1560 kN
RABRB30/72-FA10630 mm72,2 mm - N/A0.0 - 23 mm
QMPL15J070SC2.756 Inch | 70 Millimeter3.62 Inch | 91.948 Millimeter10.442N/A0.03.252 Inch | 82.6 Millimeter -
MUCLP202NPRF - - 0.681N/A0.0 - -
397-20024/394A-20024 - - 0N/A0.0 - -
11261100 - - 0N/A0.0 - -
CB192320 - - 0.184N/A0.0 - -
NU2207MC31.378 Inch | 35 Millimeter2.835 Inch | 72 Millimeter0.52N/A0.00.906 Inch | 23 Millimeter -
UEPPL208-24MZ20RFW1.5000 in5-5/32" to 5-19/32" - - - 2-19/64 in -
FC111CE1.6875 in - - - - - -
62301-2RS12 mm37 mm - - - 17 mm17 mm


replace Seal of Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment Parameter list

No.dDInventoryBEANWeightMinimum Buy Quantity
NJ2226130 mm230 mm - 64 mm - 11.2 Kg -
SR215X5 - - 0.0 - 0087796320109 - N/A
MU1207L - - 0.0 - 45473594869570N/A
KRV52-PP-X - - 0.0 - 40128020509360.558N/A
6210-ZZ P/6 C/41.969 Inch | 50 Millimeter3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter0.00.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter06440752369590.47N/A
E-P4B-TRB-2 7/16-ECC - - 0.0 - 088345050429422.00 lbN/A
HM25234810.25 Inch | 260.35 Millimeter0 Inch | 0 Millimeter0.03.141 Inch | 79.781 Millimeter45473590751680N/A
23292 CAK C3 W33460 mm830 mm - 296 mm - - -
47T564029A280395 - - - - -
CX125 - - - - - - -
S7KDD15,875 mm34,925 mm - 7,14 mm - - -
6910ZZ50 mm72 mm - 12 mm - - -



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Customer Case Of Vacuum Spray Freeze Drying Equipment At 2021

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Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Lab small freeze dryer pharmaceutical industrial mini vacuum drying equipment 1 Set US$1592US$5143
Low Temperature Industrial Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine 1 Set US$1893US$7988
Vacuum Microwave Tray Drying Sterilised Equipment Get Latest Price 1 Set US$1504US$6702
Timber insecticidal microwave drying equipment 1 Set US$1233US$6104
Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine for Fruit 1 Set US$1984US$7692
Microwave Vacuum Tray Fruit Vegetable Drying Equipment 1 Set US$1591US$6459


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